Metal Exporter

We are very excited that you decided to visit us; please allow us to introduce ourselves. We manufacture Custom Sheet Metal products, Hot Dip Galvanize, Powder Coat, and Electroplate for export and domestic customers. We specialize in custom-made sheet metal products including metal cage pallets, clamps, hinges, bands, post caps, chain link fence fittings, angle bars, tubes, pipes fasteners, carriage bolts, hex bolts, U-bolts, nuts, washers etc. used in fencing, construction, solar, fiber optics, logistics and several other industries. We can manufacture variety of steel sheet metal products for you as per your specifications.

Code Of Conduct

At Metaloft, we always conduct our business ethically and legally, but are also committed to going beyond simple compliance to practice the highest level of integrity. To us, this means treating everyone with respect and dignity, from the employees who craft our products to the customers who rely on them. In addition to operating with respect to local and international labor and trade laws, we ensure that we demonstrate fundamental respect for human rights and environmental stewardship.

No Forced Labor or Human Trafficking

We are committed to internationally recognizedhuman rights laws, and ensure our workers have the right to engage in work willfully. We also procure our raw materials and components only from sources that condemn forced labor and human trafficking.

No Underage Labor

All of Metaloft employees meet local minimum working age laws and International Labor Organization (ILO) standards for age-appropriate work.

No Discrimination

We believe all people should be treated fairly, regardless of race, color, gender or gender identity, pregnancy or marital status, sexual orientation, religion, national or social origin, age or any physical or mental disability.Our hiring and promotion practices, which are based simply on an individual’s abilities to perform the work at hand, reflect this ethic to respect and embrace cultural and individual differences.

No Harassment

We condemn all forms of harassment, whether verbal, mental, physical, and sexual, and have put strong policies in place to prevent and/or eliminate such behavior in our facilities and offices.

No Bribery

We do not condone bribes or kickbacks in our business dealings, and our employees are forbidden from taking or giving favors, money, or gifts that would undermine Metaloft Industries’ high ethical standards.

Health and Safety

We provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, implementing policies and programs to minimize occupational hazards and protect our employees from injuries and illnesses. We also hold the quality of our products to the highest standards to ensure the health and safety of the customers who use them.

Healthy Working Hours

We follow all local laws regarding working hours. As a rule, our employees work as per local law requirements, with at least one full non-working day every week. Overtime work is always voluntary and compensated for as required by law.

Fair Wages

We provide our employees with timely pay and benefits that meet or exceed local law requirements.

Freedom of Association

We respect the rights of our employees to associate and organize at will, in compliance with local and international laws.

Environmental Sustainability

We comply with all local and international environmental laws and regulations. We have taken considerable measures to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, promoting the efficient use of natural resources while limiting waste and pollution.