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After facing continuous quality issues from 4 suppliers, we turned to Metaloft. They successfully qualified all the quality parameters set by our South Korean partners. They understood our time constraints and deliverable and have been consistently delivering a quality product on time helping us complete our projects on schedule.

Vikas Y.
Project Manager

Metaloft has delivered products to us given a short lead time in the middle of the night based on our urgent needs. They have always been transparent with material quantity/weight by regularly providing us with reconciliation data making our job easy.

Saurabh S.
Yard Inspector of India’s largest engineering & Construction company

Metaloft has surprised all of us by becoming our A+ rated vendor within 4 months and getting a score of 96%. They have delivered 100% quality products on time.

Sameer M.
Vice President, India(Addressing to all vendors during a vendor meeting)

Metaloft responds promptly to every query. They are always eager to learn, understand our requirements, and deliver products accordingly.

Satender B.
Quality Manager

Metaloft has been delivering excellent quality products 100% on time for the past 2 years.

Saurabh K.
Project Manager, India